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Watch the New Music Video for "Engrossed Bee" by If Now

Sun Cru is overjoyed to present the new far-out, far-in music video for "Engrossed Bee" by If Now! "Engrossed Bee" is the second song on If Now's bouncy buoyant 2-sider, "Am I the Vehicle? / Engrossed Bee," which is part of a three-installment series of songs leading up to If Now's debut EP to be released this Fall. For the time being, "Am I the Vehicle? / Engrossed Bee" is free for the taking!

The video for "Engrossed Bee" features animation from our longtime friend and collaborator Jerstin Crosby, who summoned up a kind of visual chant that blooms with ease into and out of one's bee-mind. You can follow Jerstin here. As always, enjoy! :: Sun Cru ::

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