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If Now - Am I the Vehicle? / Engrossed Bee - Cover Art

If Now
Am I the Vehicle? / Engrossed Bee

WAV, FLAC, MP3 / $3

Sun Cru

SC02 - 2021

The first of three installments and the debut release from If Now, a music, photo and video project by Josh Collins, head of Sun Cru. These songs have a little bounce and swagger and were originally conceived as a 7" vinyl release, then the outtakes grew into more songs that altogether will be a six-song EP, "Let Nature Rule," due out in 2022 on Sun Cru. "Am I the Vehicle? / Engrossed Bee" is of a sequence with "Black Morel / Waves in the Valley," which will also appear on "Let Nature Rule."

Recorded, produced and mixed by Josh Collins
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering

Spruce berry photo by Betty Faye Collins
Straw photo by Josh Collins
Bee photo by Betty Link

Special thanks to Emily Troedson, Ben Collins, Jerstin & Orvokki Crosby, Neill Pruitt and Sarah Rovenko

"Inside and outside, everything is equally light."

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