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"Forgotten Life" Video Showing in Chapel Hill This Saturday

We're thrilled to announce that Sun Cru's longtime friends and collaborators at Acid Rain will be presenting Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine's video for "Forgotten Life" this Saturday, April 10, at Attic 506 in Chapel Hill. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by!

This showing is in correspondence with CANDLE, a separate group show curated by Amanda Barr in the My Room gallery at Attic 506, featuring work by an awesome crew of artists: Harrison Haynes, Thad Kellstadt, Ippis Halme, Amy White, Joy Drury Cox, April Childers, Elsa Hoffman, Megan Whitmarsh, Ron Liberti, Jimmy Fountain, Lindsay Metivier, George Jenne, Conner Calhoun, Amanda Barr, Orvokki Crosby, Jerstin Crosby, Bill Thelen, Fred Smith, Craig Hein, Carrie Alter, John Bowman, Rachel Bernstein and Olivia Gone.

Mystery Meat Films will also be presenting a film on the roof at sundown.

If you’re not familiar with Attic 506, you have much ahead to explore and enjoy, including The Concern Newsstand and Slug.

We're asking everyone to please wear a mask & be mindful of space & the amount of people inside at once. Thank you and have a great time!

"Forgotten Life" is the fourth single from Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine's debut EP, "Young You," out now through Sun Cru and Bandcamp.

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