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Debut 2-Sider from If Now! "Am I the Vehicle?" / "Engrossed Bee"


Sun Cru is delighted to present the first of three installments and the debut release from If Now: a two-sider consisting of "Am I the Vehicle?" / "Engrossed Bee." This one was originally conceived as a 7" vinyl release, but the outtakes for these songs grew into more songs that altogether will be a 5-song EP due out in Fall 2021. We're stoked!

At the moment, "Am I the Vehicle?" and "Engrossed Bee" are free for the taking, so check it out here. We are happy to provide :)

Also, you can expect to see a couple music videos in the not-too-distant future, featuring animation from two amazing artists. We'll let you know!

Thanks to everyone who inspired and contributed to this release. The second two-song installment is on its way, and the emergence of the full EP in the Fall will help confirm what you already know: Summer never ends.

​"Am I the Vehicle?" / "Engrossed Bee"

Recorded, produced and mixed by Josh Collins Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk Spruce berry photo by Betty Faye Collins Straw photo by Josh Collins Bee photo by Betty Link Special thanks to Emily Troedson, Ben Collins, Jerstin & Orvokki Crosby, Neill Pruitt and Sarah Rovenko "Inside and outside, everything is equally light."

:: Sun Cru


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