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Low West Hum by Brass Clouds - Out July 12

Brass Clouds - Artist Photo - with teal cord and keyboard

Countdown to crash landing! Brass Clouds' new album Low West Hum is set for release July 12 !! Really this is a multi-media release with strong sci-fi cinematic vibes from a virtuosic artist whose powers seem to emanate from some infinite source in perhaps another galaxy. We are immensely proud and excited to set free this spectacular record on the earthly plane.

Low West Hum is available for pre-order now on cassette, compact disc and digital. The art for this album is very special, including a sci-fi zine insert that comes with the limited edition CD in a beautifully printed DVD case that will fit right in with the cinematic masterworks in your collection. Only 20 CDs and 30 tapes are part of this current run, so grip these gorgeous artifacts before they're gone.

Cassette J Card - Brass Clouds - Low West Hum
Cassette J Card - Brass Clouds - Low West Hum
CD in DVD Case - Brass Clouds - Low West Hum

Much more to come, and in the meantime pre-order Low West Hum by Brass Clouds via Bandcamp!!! You'll be glad you did!


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