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Brass Clouds - Low West Hum - Album Cover

Brass Clouds
Low West Hum

CD / $12

Cassette / $10

WAV, FLAC, MP3 / $8

Sun Cru

SC14 - 2024

​A spectacular world of vivid habitats unfolds on the teeming sonic planet conjured by Brass Clouds' new album Low West Hum. With imagery and music that epitomize the peak of the trip, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and filmmaker Dustin Dybvig gives generous and unifying expression to his breadth of talents, building an entire cosmos for us musical wanderers to explore and exult in.

In the music, as in the Low West Hum zine that accompanies the limited edition CD, the sci-fi vibes are strong and radiant. There seems to have been a world that was familiar to us, but a crash-landing has left us born anew and all memory faded. Now the dawn cinema of Low West Hum marks our only parameters, and a new sublime alien landscape of terrestrial and aquatic habitats invokes an overwhelming feeling: "Suddenly I became mesmerized by the surrounding sea life out my cockpit window. Hope for survival melted into an oblivion of curiosity." Rising up before us to fill the landscape, this new nature compels us forward, as we steer our battered vessel amidst flora and fauna of unknown origin.

With its sweeping yet intimate scope, Low West Hum is a soundtrack whose movie is in the space around us, always changing, always adapted to our vision. The colors of the past blend with the colors of the future, and we are left only with the present moment that is uncannily and beautifully our own.

Limited Edition Compact Disc in DVD Case with Zine Insert

This gorgeous artifact fits right in with the other pictorial masterworks in your collection. Includes a rad sci-fi zine insert — Low West Hum — all art and writing by Dustin Dybvig. Pro-pressed CD. Full color wrap-around cover. Full color disc surface, lushly printed. Super limited edition of 20.

Limited Edition Cassette

Handy little mind-blower of a tape. Big sumptuous sound. White matte cassette with full color label on both sides. J card full color on both sides. Destined to be a favorite to pop in and go full serene. Let the visions roll by. Super limited edition of 30.


Written, performed and recorded by Brass Clouds

Cover art and zine by Dustin Dybvig

CD and cassette layouts by Josh Collins

All music copyright Brass Clouds 2024​

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