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Sun Cru's Big Bandcamp Friday News - May 2024

G'day! Happy Bandcamp Friday to you! Now's a great time to peruse the catalog and maximize the $ that goes to artists. No Bandcamp service fees means stronger support. May is its own gift and a time of giving throughout the known universe. Tell every friend, tell every mother, tell the Flower Moon. We will ship wherever your order beckons us! Call upon the sounds and check out the catalog.

We're also looking forward to an awesome release in the near future from the mighty Brass Clouds. The new album Low West Hum is phenomenal. Instrumental moods that will soothe and set your soul astir at the same time. It's a great trip. We'll let you know when pre-orders open up — soon!

For now, give Brass Clouds a follow on Instagram and check out this rad teaser.

In separate news, Little H Collective has made Avalanche Pass available on all the streams! A quick search in the usual places (to wit!) will turn up Avalanche Pass, an ambient guitar and drone album built to melt your neck and empty your head.

And in case you didn't hear in live music news... Brass Clouds will be joining Sun Cru label mate and New Roaring Twenties naturalist Little Wings for a show at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Highland Park, Los Angeles, July 25 !!!! Get tickets via Sid the Cat. Hope to see you there!


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