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Live Music Alert: LITTLE WINGS and BRASS CLOUDS at Permanent Records Roadhouse!

Little Wings & Brass Clouds Artist Photos

Bold sharpie your calendars and snag your tickets!

Sun Cru, Perpetual Doom & Sid the Cat Present:



July 25, 2024

at Permanent Records Roadhouse

Highland Park, Los Angeles

This is a patio show, PERFECT for summer evening vibes at one of our favorite spots.

And haven't you heard? The new Little Wings album High on the Glade is out for pre-order on Perpetual Doom. We at Sun Cru still have a few copies of Zephyr by Little Wings also. Grip one if you haven't yet!

We are also well pleased to bring you the amazing new Brass Clouds album Low West Hum, which is set for release on Sun Cru this summer, just in time for the show at Permanent Records!

So come on out and enjoy what is sure to be a gorgeous night. We'll see you there!

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