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Wes Tirey and Shane Parish Interviewed by 15 Questions!

There's a new Wes Tirey & Shane Parish interview over at 15 Questions. Have you listened to Wes and Shane's collaboration on No Winners in the Blues? That record came out in early 2023 on Full Spectrum, which is headed up by Andrew Weathers, who incidentally just mastered Wes's new album that's due out on Sun Cru in spring / summer 2024! That upcoming vinyl LP, you may recall, is Wes Tirey Sings Selected Works of Billy the Kid. It uses poems from the great Michael Ondaatje's novel in verse, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. Though the release is still some months off, we are immensely proud of this monumental little record. Nathaniel Russell is working on the art and layout as we speak.

But back to the 15 Questions interview: Wes and Shane talk about their respective processes, instruments and sounds that have influenced them, and music making in general. Wes offers some insight into his process for setting Michael Ondaatje's words to music. Read the interview here. Get a hold of No Winners in the Blues at Full Spectrum.

— Sun Cru


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