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New Sun Cru Interview Over At Primitive Man Soundz !

A new interview over at Primitive Man Soundz discusses all things Sun Cru! It was a joy talking about Dave Heumann, Little Wings, If Now, The Archibalds, how Sun Cru came about, and much, much more.

Check out the interview here. Just a tip: it looks awesome on laptop. There are some really great images.

We hope you enjoy!

One big announcement is about a new album coming out from Wes Tirey. We have secured licensing to set to music sections of Michael Ondaatje's novel in verse, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. Mr. Ondaatje himself has signed off on the project, and we are elated. Wes Tirey will begin recording soon, and the album will come out on vinyl in 2024. We are psyched! Be sure to follow Wes Tirey on Instagram.

And just a reminder: Dave Heumann's Guitar Tapes Vol 1 is scheduled to come out on vinyl in April. Order your copy here. It comes in sky blue vinyl, as well as classic black vinyl. This is a limited edition pressing of only 300. Order yours today!

— Sun Cru

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