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New Wes Tirey Interview ! Primitive Man Soundz

For your reading pleasure, there's an excellent interview with the great Wes Tirey over at Primitive Man Soundz.

In the interview, Wes talks about some of his early musical experiences, growing up in Ohio, songwriting, his solo records, and his band Wes Tirey and The Easy Hearts, plus the new record that's in the works to be released on Sun Cru!

Wes is set to start recording that album very soon. It sets to music sections of Michael Ondaatje's novel in verse, "The Collected Works of Billy the Kid." It'll be a little while yet before the album is available for listening, but we are very much looking forward to getting it out to you — and to Michael Ondaatje, who will be receiving some copies, as well.

We'll definitely keep you posted!

>>>> Here's Wes at home with his pal Tonto:

Wes Tirey at home with his cat Tonto


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