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Record Crates United Reviews Guitar Tapes Volume 1 by Dave Heumann

Keith Hadad at Record Crates United recently had some fine things to say about Dave Heumann's new record, Guitar Tapes Vol 1:

"The minimalist pieces all tend to develop a rippling and warped sound, keeping the record firmly planted in a surreal dreamlike place. [...] Each track rolls along calmly, with plenty of momentum, making you experience the sensation that you’re coasting across vast landscapes with ease."

Keith also makes an insightful connection between Neil Young's Dead Man soundtrack and Dave Heumann's Guitar Tapes Vol 1. Read the full review!

Guitar Tapes Vol 1 is out now on compact disc and available for pre-order on sky blue vinyl or classic black vinyl. This is a very limited edition release for both formats: 300 vinyl LPs and 300 CDs. Order your copy while you can!

— Sun Cru

Dave Heumann - Guitar Tapes Vol 1 - CD and CD cover

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