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Raven Sings the Blues: Review of Dave Heumann's Guitar Tapes Vol 1

Andy French at Raven Sings the Blues just published an insightful and beautifully descriptive review of Dave Heumann's new album, Guitar Tapes Vol 1.

A quick excerpt: "Heumann’s playing focuses on the winding motifs that play out like twisting mantras, urging the listener to push away the outside and use the headphones to guide them deep into nature’s embrace."

Andy's writing is succinctly descriptive and a joy to read. Check out the full review. Then head over to the Bandcamp listing to learn more about the record, and order Guitar Tapes Vol 1 on vinyl or compact disc.

This is a very limited edition release for both formats: 300 vinyl LPs and 300 CDs. Get them while you can!

— Sun Cru

Dave Heumann - Guitar Tapes Vol 1 - Classic Black Vinyl

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