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New Music Video for "Serpentine Sunlight" by Dave Heumann

The video for "Serpentine Sunlight" was shot by Dave Heumann in the Serpentine Restoration Area in Baltimore County's Lake Roland Park. The video was edited by Josh Collins.

A note from Dave on the serpentine rock you can see in parts of the video: "Serpentine is a somewhat rare mineral type. Ground level deposits can be found in two places in Maryland, in a section of Roland Park and at Soldier's Delight. Both areas have unusual insects and vegetation and a relative lack of trees owing to the rock being so close to the surface level."

"Serpentine Sunlight" is from Dave Heumann's new album, Guitar Tapes Vol 1. The record is available on sky blue vinyl, classic black vinyl, or CD !! Read more about the album, and you can order a copy directly through Bandcamp. The CD begins shipping 9/16/22, and the vinyl begins shipping 4/20/23.


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