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Sun Cru's Inaugural Release! 'Young You' by Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine

It is headless. It is festival. It is health in sound. It is the year's first jog through forest primordial. It is heraldic purpose. It is river in reverse. It is thunder perfect no-mind. It is ocean wash and syllabic dew. It will have only ever been now. It is young you.

Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine's debut EP and Sun Cru's inaugural release, "Young You" is an invitation to sonic worlds within and without. Your examined life is given due space to spread and be known. This brief but expansive offering marks a confluence of micro and macro, your future pasts amalgamated, a restful rush across time, from the still of morning condensation to oceanic swells and sojourns in the starless void. The path is lit by the light within. The way is excellent. Project and transfer the contents of your psyche, but do it now.

Limited edition CD in gatefold with artwork by Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine. Cover is light, flips almost like a page in a book. Interior art can be peeled or cut apart and framed or pinned or appreciated as is. Gaze deep into the dusty miller. It's your world. Disc image similar to cover image (flower). Music inspired by all.

Sun Cru

SC01 - 2021

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