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KLOF Mag Reviews Ark Angel II by Alex Homan

Alex Homan's album Ark Angel II reviewed by KLOF Mag

Alex Homan's album Ark Angel II gets an ardent listen and a fantastic review over at the mighty KLOF Mag. To wit: "After hearing Wayseeker’s Hymn, the album opener, I was hooked, but don’t let that be your guide for what follows. His improvised style of playing can delight and surprise, and there’s a warm psychedelic glow to proceedings."

The review also features the new video for Alex's song "King's Daughters."

Now is also as good of a time as any to remind about the amazing music bundles Alex has offered in conjunction with Ark Angel II. There's a personalized improvisation bundle with electric guitar devotional, and there's a personalized improvisation bundle with acoustic guitar devotional. Commission and snag some totally unique personalized music from an electro-acoustic-lyrical virtuosic innovator who has been put in this world to open your heart. You'll be glad you did!

— Sun Cru


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