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Pre-Orders Start Today! Dave Heumann - Guitar Tapes Vol 1

What an honor and a thrill it is to present Dave Heumann's new solo record, Guitar Tapes Vol 1. This is a masterful collection of seven electric guitar improvisations from a musical icon known for his founding roles in multiple beloved bands, including Abouretum, Human Bell, Coil Sea, Heumann Homan Highway, The Sea Caucus, and The People's Longband.

Guitar Tapes Vol 1 comes on sky blue vinyl, classic black vinyl, CD and digital. You can pre-order any and all of it directly through Bandcamp. The CD will start shipping on 9/16/22, and the vinyl will start shipping on 4/20/23. Read more about the album, and pre-order a copy today because these will not last!

The CD is a very limited edition of 300. It comes with a wallet-style cover with semi gloss finish; 1/8 inch printed spine; and full-color disc surface. The sky blue vinyl is a limited edition of 100, and the classic black vinyl is a limited edition of 200. The vinyl jacket is full-color 24 pt. high-quality SBS board with a pleasant matte finish, and the album comes with an 11 x 11 full-color insert. The liner notes are by the mighty Steve Johnson. All photos for the album, including the cover, back cover, LP center labels, LP insert, and CD surface are by Dave Heumann.

We have much more on the way very soon! We hope you enjoy!

— Sun Cru

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