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Check Out the New Music Video for if now's "Black Morel"

"Black Morel" is from if now's debut EP, "Let Nature Rule," available in compact disc and digital formats on Sun Cru. All proceeds from sales of "Let Nature Rule" go to the World Food Programme.

The new music video for "Black Morel" features the majestic countryside between Bath and Amesbury, England. Our friend and collaborator Jeremy Crosby, who is an accomplished earthskills practitioner in North Carolina, provided the alluring photo of a yellow morel harvest. Jeremy also did the arrowhead carving on the cover of the "Black Morel / Waves in the Valley" two-sider in the lead-up to the EP release.

We hope you enjoy "Black Morel," and be sure to check out the video for the EP title track, "Let Nature Rule."

Sun Cru

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