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The Archibalds Artist Photo | Sun Cru


photo by Joseph Thompson

The Archibalds formed in 2006 in Austin, Texas. Primary band members have been Joey Thompson, Seth Gibbs, Peter Stafford and Chase DeLong, with occasional help from Cliff Brown. The group toured and played dozens of shows throughout Texas, and recorded three full-length albums: "O Camellia," released in 2007; "Easy Living," released in 2008; and "Low and Slow," recorded in 2011, stored away that same year, and released in 2018 following Seth's passing.

The Archibalds - Rolling Sea (Jonah) / Sloop John B - Cover Art

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Sun Cru

SC03 - 2021

The Archibalds' virtuoso songwriter and arranger Joey Thompson goes maritime with this first in a series of releases leading up to a full-length record.


With "Rolling Sea (Jonah) / Sloop John B," The Archibalds invoke the ascendant powers of legendary Bahamian guitarist and singer Joseph Spence, as well as mystical raw blues dream weaver Ramsay Midwood.


Looking for a seaworthy vessel for life's turbid waters? Be merciful to yourself! Let The Archibalds into your heart.

Produced by The Archibalds
"Rolling Sea (Jonah)" mixed and mastered by Jimmy Wildcat at Sweetheart Studios in Austin, Texas

"Sloop John B" recorded by Drew Carroll in Charlottesville, Virginia, and mastered by Jimmy Wildcat

"Rolling Sea (Jonah)" includes elements of "Out on the Rolling Sea" by Joseph Spence
"Rolling Sea (Jonah)" also includes elements of "Jonah" by Ramsay Midwood
"Sloop John B" was originally commissioned for the feature film "Blue Balloons" directed by Emily Troedson


Cover photo by Joey Thompson
Layout by Josh Collins


Special thanks to Jennifer Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Emily Troedson, Ramsay Midwood, Drew Carroll and Jimmy Wildcat

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