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Sun Cru Welcomes Little H Collective to the Roster

Little H Collective logo featuring images of Stephen Harrison

We are totally thrilled to announce an upcoming release from the stunningly talented Little H Collective! Be on the lookout for a beautiful long-form release this summer.

Little H Collective is Pacific Northwest musician-designer-teacher-woodworker-instrument maker Stephen Harrison. He has something very special in the works for Sun Cru, musically and visually. We are most grateful to be a part of it.

If you haven't explored Little H Collective's existing catalog, we cannot recommend it enough. You'll find so many wonderful far-out/far-in zones, glistening gems, and exhilarating powers gliding and pulsing across multiple EPs and live performances.

Stephen Harrison is also an amazing woodworker, designer, and instrument maker. Check out his recent work. You'll love it.

And we'll keep you updated on the Little H Collective release coming out on Sun Cru this summer.

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