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Postcards for Dave Heumann's New Record!

Postcards for Dave Heumann's solo record Guitar Tapes Vol 1

Collect them, frame them, send them to friends! We just made available a very limited edition postcard packet containing four postcards for Dave Heumann's new solo record, Guitar Tapes Vol 1. The 4 x 6 postcards feature still images from the music video for "Serpentine Sunlight."

These are frameable, high quality, full color prints with black & white addressee lines and caption on the reverse side. Total of only 100 postcards made, so order yours while you can. Check it out on Bandcamp if you have some time. Dave will also have prints available at his upcoming shows in Baltimore and D.C. More on that soon!

— Sun Cru

Four postcards and reverse side for Dave Heumann's record Guitar Tapes Vol 1

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