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Happy Release Day! - Alex Homan's New Album, Ark Angel II

Alex Homan - Ark Angel II - Album Cover Art

By all means spend some time with Alex Homan's new album, Ark Angel II. It is a masterwork wherein acoustic, electric, and voice-lyrical elements cohere like facets of a gem. Allowed to spring forth in a room, this music will bring morning light to your household. With a nice headphone listen, your head and heart will be soothed and delighted.

In addition to the album itself, we are thrilled to offer some very special bundles that include Ark Angel II plus your choice of a personally dedicated electric or acoustic guitar improvisation by Alex. This is essentially commissioned music. These very limited bundles are also sponsored by Alex's personal legal representative Delaware Dan, of Delaware Dan LLC. No problem.

Written and recorded by Alex Homan in July and August of 2023 on Wabanaki N'dakina, realm of the Northeastern Dakini.

Tracks 1 - 5 mixed and mastered by Steve Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland

Album cover art by Josh Mackie

From Alex:

Dedicated to all my friends; I don't know where I'd be without yall!

Much love Sam, Hester, Andi, Nathan, Lucas, Zoie, Paco, Frank, Suzie, Maggie, Kenny, Cedar, Noel, Chance, Ben, Ben, Alyx, David, Anakin, Anthony, Dave, Dominique, Stone, Kai, Ted, Eric, Jordan, Steve, Isabella, Laurel, Obie, Josh, all my cousins and my brother Nate.

May all beings attain liberation!


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