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Dave Heumann Artist Photo for Sun Cru


Dave Heumann is a founding member of the beloved bands Arbouretum, Human Bell, Coil Sea, Heumann Homan Highway, The Sea Caucus, and The People's Longband. His latest solo record, Guitar Tapes Vol 1, is available now on Sun Cru.


Guitar Tapes Vol 1 compiles seven electric guitar improvisations that explore spiritual and creative life at the intersection of location, story, and memory. This album of masterful guitar playing is available on CD and vinyl LP. CDs begin shipping 9/16/22, and the vinyl records begin shipping in April 2023. The CDs are a limited run of 300; the Sky Blue Vinyl is a limited pressing of 100; and the Classic Black Vinyl is a limited pressing of 200. The vinyl jacket is full-color 24 pt. high-quality SBS board with a pleasant matte finish. The inimitable and mighty Steve Johnson wrote the liner notes. All photos for the album, including the cover, back cover, LP center labels, and LP full-color insert, are by Dave Heumann.

Album Cover - Dave Heumann - Guitar Tapes Vol 1

Dave Heumann
Guitar Tapes Vol 1

Sky Blue Vinyl LP / $20

Classic Black Vinyl LP / $20

CD / $10

WAV, FLAC, MP3 / $8

Sun Cru


Dave Heumann's newest solo record, Guitar Tapes Vol 1, is music for the journey — a masterful collection of seven electric guitar improvisations for the traveler and the traveler's visions. At once transportive, meditative, and grounding, Guitar Tapes Vol 1 integrates moments of serene observance with up-tempo exhilaration, drawing you forward through wooded footpaths and forested foregrounds that dissolve into sloping fields and megalithic horizons. Having stepped into an unknown yet familiar place, you get the feeling that everything you need is here, right now, within you, with the woods of the world flowing by, bending into the resonant periphery. It is your world, after all, and always has been, and Dave, with his music of heartening, amaranthine growth, gives dexterous articulation to the silent, knowing nature within — the nature that you know you are.


As with much of Dave's music, Guitar Tapes Vol 1 invites you to walk with him for a time — to perceive with wonder the subtle seismic shifts beneath the arbours. The seven improvisations compiled here evoke sonic atmospheres that lend themselves to years of exploration. Whether you're near a turntable or traveling across the country, the images conjured by this record blend spontaneously into the steady walk of the mind. The body and spirit become one and the same. The journey is at once inward-going and outward-going. Prismatic and tessellated. A tribute to trusting yourself, without question, to know the way, to make the right move, in the moment.


We are deeply honored and overjoyed to offer these extraordinary recordings from a musical icon and innovator whose profound engagement with musical process, close listening, and sonic storytelling continues to inspire and reward fans, musicians, and spiritual voyagers the world over.

Played, recorded and mixed by Dave Heumann
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering
CD manufacturing by Morphius Records
Photos by Dave Heumann
Liner notes by Steve Johnson
Layout by Josh Collins

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