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Little Wings - Zephyr - Vinyl Cover Art
Kyle Field Holding Little Wings Zephyr Vinyl LP Cover
Kyle Field Holding Little Wings Zephyr Vinyl LP Back Cover
Little Wings Zephyr Lyric Poster And Vinyl Record
Little Wings Zephyr Poster And Vinyl Record

Vinyl LP / $22

Sun Cru

SC05 - 2022

Zephyr may be one of the most mysterious albums yet from Little Wings, and also one of the most truth-finding and elegant. Here we have a beautifully mastered first-time vinyl LP of a previously tape- and digital-only release. The songs on Zephyr wade into myth, inner life, and relationship with nature. They reflect on time and memory. They wonder on human needs on a world-historic scale. This is done with the mellifluous syllabic play that characterizes the distinctly alliterative poetry of Kyle Field. The record features two transportive pacific field recordings and an inquisitive closing aloha (which from an echoey mid-distance tells you it's time to start the record again). The recording "Wind" is a strong wind, but it also sounds the way the fire sounded when it wailed through the landscape of Southern California in 2018. The field recordings are snapshots of specific places, but they're also like sculptural objects that counterbalance the poems. The arrangement of these elements — Kyle's voice, his writing, his adept guitar-playing, the sonic environments he recorded — is one of the finest expressions of his art to date. It is also notable that Zephyr was recorded a few months before the coronavirus began affecting all our lives, and Kyle's singing of the world "going blind to its own needs," and of "famine or disease," seems impossibly prescient now. (No claims of prediction or prophecy here — only that poems work in weird and mysterious ways.) With Zephyr available now on vinyl, fans can enjoy the warm devotional ritual of putting stylus to record, with eyes on the enclosed poster and its hand-lettered lyrics, as well as Zephyr's enigmatic cover photo and painted font (all by Kyle). Zephyr invites you to enter the eternal cave that is the true portal to the wide world outside and its mysteries. We are humbled to present this very limited-edition musical artifact from an iconic artist whose creative powers only continue to grow.

This is a limited edition first-time vinyl pressing of 500. The LP comes with a beautifully printed 11 x 17 two-sided poster with Kyle Field's hand-lettered lyrics on the reverse side. The front of the poster presents a moment when a wave rushes into the glorious Zephyr cave. The record jacket is full color 24 pt. high-quality SBS reverse board, so it feels good and tactile in your hands. All photos for the record, including those on the center labels, are by Kyle Field.

Recording, voice and guitar by Kyle Field in Autumn 2018
Mastering and lacquers by Richard Houghten
Vinyl pressing by Record Technology Inc.
Printing by Imprint
Photos, font and lettering by K.F.
Layout by Josh Collins

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