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Psychedelic emerald desert horizon cover art for Alex Homan's Noise Foley

Alex Homan
Noise Foley

WAV, FLAC, MP3 / $7

Sun Cru

SC09 - 2023

With Noise Foley, virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Alex Homan resolves the corporeal pangs of our souls' earthly rompings with nine new songs of diaristic trip.

Go a-wandering with Alex. The way is excellent. With a special hidden appearance by Delaware Dan, no problem.

~Noise Foley also comes with a bonus Vajra Song EP, available for stream and download after purchase~

Vajra Song EP
1. Vajra Song
2. Clouds, Mountain, and Sky
3. Lake Maggiore
4. Banjo Bodhicitta

Written, produced and mixed by Alex Homan

Cover art by Alex

Mastered by Josh Collins

Alex's notes on Noise Foley:

written while on the road on "the great american hot dog tour" in april / may 2023 with sam, mostly in the southwest / west / pacific northwest / midwest turtle island. recorded after returning to our house after being in a gnarly car accident halfway through tour. we made it through by the kindness of our friends and family and we are eternally grateful to everyone. we especially thank zoie reamer and lucas rambo for driving our busted asses home.

may all beings have the love and protection of friends!

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