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Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine Band Photo for Sun Cru


Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine is Josh Collins and Ryan Tomlin. "Young You," their debut EP and Sun Cru's inaugural release, evokes a natural realm that is at once cosmic and terrestrial. The songs of "Young You" are exploratory. Here you experience the flowing visuals of a jog through primordial forest, a river reversing upon itself, the stony yet health-giving haze of a thousand midsummer days conflated into one. Waves of a risen tide and droplets of morning dew are given layered sonic expression that culminates in dramatic festival. "Young You" is a brief but expansive offering that looks backward and forward simultaneously. The path is lit by the light within. It will have only ever been now.

Young You Cover Art

Darkless Order Of The Midlife Divine
Young You

CD / $6 / Sold Out

WAV, FLAC, MP3 / $5

Sun Cru

SC01 - 2021

Limited edition CD in gatefold with artwork by Darkless Order of the Midlife Divine. Cover is light, flips almost like a page in a book. Interior art can be peeled or cut apart and framed or pinned or appreciated as is. Gaze deep into the dusty miller. It's your world. Disc image similar to cover image (flower). Music inspired by all. Preview and download available here and below.

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